Producing for our partners in industrial sector is very important part of the LUKOWA Food AG portfolio. Main products are:

  • Raspberry IQF
  • Raspberry Whole and Broken
  • Raspberry Crumble
  • Sour Cherry (without stone)
  • Blackberry
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry and
  • Plums

Our offer is extended with black currant, red currant and cranberry.
Regarding wild and uncultivated forest fruits we can collect and offer wild strawberry, wild blueberry and wild blackberry.
Also we are processing organic fruits for different pourposes.
Final products are produced according to our specification or by our customer special request, regarding calibration, variety and color.
We supply various kinds of fruit mixes, different fruits content and size/type of packing.
Our products are satisfying the highest standards and thus are sold on the world market.
This is due to a superior management and skilled workers.
All this allows us flexible production with excellent monitoring followed by appropriate records.

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